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Welcome to our Amateur Radio Accessories and Technology page

I specialize in building many different styles, shapes and sizes of handheld and foot PTT switch systems for the Radio Operator.

I'm guessing if you are here checking out my site, than you might have been referred to my work with PTT switches by a friend or Ham Radio site. I specialize in making very nice basic switches that are built to last a long time.

Regardless of the rave reviews my products keep receiving over on EHAM and other Amateur Radio blog sites, my PTT switch products are simply made from good parts produced by Amphenol. We use heavily RF shielded mic cable from various quality suppliers around North America.

When checking out my PTTpro products make sure you read the reviews on EBAY under PTTpro.

You can also check out my product reviews on EHAM.

All of our handheld PTT switches are 100% assembled and tested here in Aloha, Oregon USA.
The foot switch products are made by a third party company, but each carries the same 100% Satisfaction Guarantee as our regular products.

If you have any questions or want to suggest a design change, we are always willing to listen to you. We realize and celebrate the fact that each of our customers is a technical person, so we appreciate your feedback and suggestions!

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